Roblox Robux & Tix Generator v1.0.1

ROBLOX is a free user-generated gaming site that makes players the architects of their own 3D worlds. Players spend millions of hours per month playing games and building their own personal virtual worlds. On ROBLOX you are given a variety of objects, a scripting language and a website to host your games for other people to play. With your free account, you get a character and a place. You can customize your place and character however you want.

Robux are the higher value currency in Roblox. They can be used to purchase many different items in the catalog, including many that are Robux-Only. There are several ways to get yourself some of these fancypants Robux. Many hats and other items are only available by purchasing with Robux.

So what's special about our software? Well, this free roblox hack is the ultimate generator for getting robux and tickets that can used to purchase all types of things on robloxia. This software took over 6 months to develop, and definitely came with lots of painful headaches. The HiTTeaM gave a lot of effort into building this tool that allows roblox users to generate r$ and tix without leaving any traces behind. This robux generator will work whether the person has a US, UK, or even International account.

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Lets explain how our system is designed to get the working robux and tickets for your account. Basically, our free roblox hack is able to work by an exploit in the security bug found on the Roblox database. The HiTTeaM worked day in and day out in order to get this functioning properly. The loophole makes it easy for our roblox money hack to retrieve a secret code which is just like the ones found on the gift cards. This will work on any account no matter what country the person is in.

You must be thinking to yourself, wouldn't Roblox just find out about your robux generator and patch it? Well, yes we knew they would try and stop us by releasing security updates to fix the bugs of their database but this is why we costantly keep our roblox hack updated with slight changes in the method.

Now with that being said, we guarantee that this robux and tix generator will always give you the amount you choose no matter when you download it. It's recommended not to abuse this as you CAN and most likely WILL get detected as a cheater in their system especially if your account is new or recently made. We have a dedicated team member who makes sure the tool is still working at all times. It's also a good thing that we have many people using our software to let us know of any bugs that arise.

System requirements (minimum requirements):

Core 2 Duo, 2-4GB RAM, Post-2008 dedicated GPU, Windows XP (DX9).



Features Included:

Generate robux and tickets

You can share with whom you'd like!

Takes no longer than a minute

Easy-to-use GUI interface

Sophisticated settings help not being traced

Improved memory consumption

Fast response timing

Available for download NOW

Working with US, UK, INT Accounts


Why Use The Robux Generator:

- Best in class product support

- Minimal system requirements

- Regular updates and bug fixes

- only one currently working




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